Installation & Care

Installing and Caring for your Masonite door is easy.

Masonite’s installation instructions include detail on how to install, 
a list of required tools, what measurements to take, and how to finish your door – 
Please follow these installation and finishing instructions in accordance with 
Masonite Warranty requirements.  

Watch an installation video, use the installation guides, or read care guidelines.

Finishing, Care & Maintenance Guidelines

Staining Fiberglass Entry Doors

Staining your entry door completes its natural wood-grain appearance. This simple process is a project any home owner can complete with confidence. To help, Masonite has created a complete finishing system that allows you to easily stain your entry door. Download our step-by-step staining instructions to get started. In no time at all, you can create a lasting, beautiful finish on your new front door.

Painting Fiberglass and Steel Exterior Doors

Painting your entry door is a simple process that can be easily completed in accordance with these instructions. Follow our step-by-step painting instructions to get started. In no time at all, you can create a new and trend-on appearance to the front of your home.

Painting or Staining Interior Doors

Masonite’s step-by-step instructions make this project painless. We’ve included a list of tools and materials, so you’ll only need to make one trip to the store. When complete, your door will become the focus of your room.

Frames - Painting & Staining

Preparation is the key to making painting easy! Before starting your project, it is important to identify which type of frame you will be painting and prepare the surface appropriately. You can get a flawless finish on your glass frame by downloading our step-by-step instructions and following a few simple steps.

Finishing-Wood Doors

By following these instructions, finishing your wood door is a simple process that any home owner can complete with confidence. Download the step-by-step instructions to get started and in no time at all, you can finish, stain, or paint your interior or exterior wood door.

Care Instructions – All Doors

Masonite’s detailed instructions will help you care for your door. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your doors will preserve their appearance. Download the relevant guide for your door.

Glass Quality and Care Instructions

Masonite is dedicated to creating exceptional products for any home or business. Each product is inspected to exceed our high quality benchmarks while meeting industry-wide standards.