Work Smarter: 5 Clever Home Office Ideas


Work Smarter: 5 Clever Home Office Ideas

Simply put: having a designated workspace helps you get more work done. At minimum, your WFH setup should empower you do your job easily, efficiently and comfortably.

However, the “perfect” home office looks different for everyone. You may desire a super-quiet, private workspace or a brighter, more inspiring area that doesn’t isolate you from the rest of your home.

Here are five ideas to help you find your perfect home office design.

1. The Cloffice

Squeezed for space? Transform a closet into your Zoom or Teams command center. The basic setup requires a writer’s desk or foldable desktop and a small chair or stool that can easily fit inside a bedroom closet or even a hallway linen closet.

And, since this is a small space, swapping out the door is key. A sliding barn door with glass saves space and allows light to pass through, so you don’t feel “in the dark” on your next conference call.

2. Insta-Loft

Elevate your WFH game by carving out a dedicated space in your attic or loft. First, define your workspace by adding doors. This pair of single-lite French doors complements Scandinavian simplicity and can be painted any color to match your décor.

Next, tailor the décor to your unique needs. Utilize built-in shelves to save space and stay organized. Add houseplants to boost mood and inspire creativity. Incorporate a small sofa if you plan to meet with clients or collaborators in person.

3. Stylish Studio

Convert a formal sitting room into a bright, beautiful, private office. These interior French doors feature a full lite of glass, ensuring an open, airy feel while keeping noise and “coworkers” at bay.

Don’t be afraid to play with color—this home office makes a statement without even changing the paint! Rather, the bold-hued artwork, furniture and area rug inspire creativity and innovation everywhere you look, from floor to ceiling.

4. The Corner Office

Optimize your existing home office. Doors are critical to adding light, maintaining privacy and creating “corner office” sophistication.

In this home, two pairs of French doors enclose the space (without making it feel closed off) while the horizontal grids add a modern edge..

5. Practical Multi-Purpose

If you can’t commit to a true home office, consider making a few modifications to a multi-purpose area to create a space that works for everyone.

Whether you need to work, work out or spend time with your family, a sliding barn door will be your best bet. Installing a pair of barn doors with glass helps ensure privacy whenever you need it, without sacrificing the natural light that powers productivity or playtime.

Whatever you decide, remember: the most important part of a WFH setup is creating a space that works for you.

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