Top Home Design Trends for 2023


Each year, Masonite commissions proprietary trend research that informs our creation of new solutions that provide more comfort, convenience, safety and style for homeowners. Our forecasters track macro-trends over time to understand how the world is changing and how design should shift to accommodate those changes.

Spending more time inside over the past few years has shown us just how important our homes are to our overall energy, mood and wellness. And now as we try to put the pandemic behind us, new challenges (and some old ones) arise.

In light of rising mortgage interest rates, homeowners who previously locked in low rates are opting to make their current homes work for them longer. Those who are fed up with the energy crisis, inflation and food shortages are learning how to live more efficiently, sustainably and self-reliantly. Those who have felt much more anxious or depressed over the past few years are finding simple ways to bring more joy to their everyday lives.

According to our trend experts, the macro-trends driving this year’s home design shifts reflect a desire to embrace the more fantastical side of nature (“Hypernatural”), feel safe and nurtured (“Tenderhaus”) and live life to the fullest (“Renaissance”).


Human beings will always have a desire to connect with nature on some level. That’s why biophilic design focuses on aspects of the outside world that impact our health and productivity, such as plants, sunlight and water features along with natural materials and colors. However, today’s naturalism design trends are becoming more elevated. Designers are finding new, more fantastical ways to express nature in design—hence the name “Hypernatural.”

3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
VistaGrande Full Lite Exterior Fiberglass Doors

Bolder, more expressive design is clear in Hypernatural exteriors. Simple homes like Gabled Moderns are shifting from “understated structures” to “statement pieces.” Some rounded forms are being carefully introduced along with dramatic features. The use of black remains strong while warm wood tones and rust-colored finishes are on the rise. The front entrance is grander with wood doors in more exaggerated shapes –think tall, rounded entry doors, designs with pronounced slats and/or solid, monolithic doors with clear sidelites. For the patio, wood doors or fiberglass doors with a wood-textured finish and large lites like Masonite VistaGrande doors seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living areas. 

Inside the home, the shift toward a more intense, expressive use of color is even more apparent. Greens, browns, orange and red marbled finishes are used for surfaces and décor. Tone-on-tone natural hues are replaced with mixed naturals and warm wood tones, creating a contemporary vibe that leans retro. After years of minimalism, intricacies are returning with warm wood tones, rounded forms and more ornate details such those in the Masonite 15 Lite Arched Top (1515) Interior Wood Doors.

3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
15 Lite Arched Top (1515) Interior Wood Doors


The last few years have brought massive shifts in the way we consume, connect, work, and play. The result has led to an explosion of creativity which is amplifying the trend toward mixing traditional and modern elements in bold new ways—a “Renaissance,” if you will.

3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
4 Panel Alternate 6 Exterior Wood Door

For home exteriors, the Renaissance trend is making a clear shift away from “standard form” to rounded and linear elements that work together for a new spin on classical symmetry. High-contrast black and white palettes remain popular. Brass and bronze metals add a sense of glamour. The front door is the focal point of the home, and  elaborate profile designs like the Masonite DuraStyle 4 Panel Alternate 6 Exterior Wood Door paired with a bold color or high-gloss finish can make any entry pop. Plus, Masonite’s exclusive AquaSeal™ technology provides up to 22x more protection against moisture, which can cause wood to warp, split and crack. The clear sealant is applied to all Masonite Durastyle exterior wood doors to help them stay beautiful longer.  

Renaissance interiors are all about being loud, being seen and making a statement. After years of social distancing, this design sensibility invites friends and family over to celebrate and live vibrantly. Colors, materials and finishes add excitable energy: marbles with dramatic veining or colors, bold lacquered paints and colorful wood stains. Ornate double doors like Masonite C88 8 Panel Interior Wood Doors create bold statements and bring an instant sense of luxury to a space. They’re the ideal solution to transform an open floorplan by creating separation for hallways and entrances.

3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
C88 8 Panel Interior Wood Doors


During months of pandemic lockdowns, people gained a greater understanding of how the look and feel of an environment can impact wellness and a sense of wellbeing. The need for emotional warmth and human connection became much more important than maintaining a colorless, clutter-free home. As such, homeowners began gravitating toward softer, more nurturing elements, creating the trend called “Tenderhaus.”
3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
VistaGrande Full Lite Exterior Fiberglass Doors

For the exterior, rounds and fluid lines continue to trend. Palettes remain neutral, yet a hint of warmth is becoming evident. Softer, warmer whites and warm neutrals present a calming alternative to crisp whites. Whether wood or fiberglass, TenderHaus exterior doors reduce ornamentation and detailing. 

Doors with glass are used at the front and back of the home to let in more natural light, which has been proven to boost mood and energy levels. For the front of the home,  textured glass is used to help maintain privacy.  

Inside the home, art and objects hint at intimacy with shapes that hug, connect or flow together. Surfaces are smooth, warm, matte, dry and lightly tactile. The use of gray tones is slowing down whereas soft brown and sand palettes are making a comeback. Interior doors are ultra-simplified and feature low profile detailing (shallow sticking or reveals) or are so flush that they seem to disappear into the walls. Since this trend is all about quiet and comfort, Masonite solid core doors are the perfect choice to turn any room into a private sanctuary.

3 Top Home Design Trends for 2023
Logan Interior Solid Core Door

For every trend, Masonite offers a suite of complementary interior and exterior doors for the whole home in a variety of styles and materials. Find the perfect doors for your home.  

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