Time for a New Front Door? 
10 Questions to Help You Decide


Time for a New Front Door? 10 Questions to Help You Decide

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Your front door is the first impression of your home. It also helps protect against the elements, ensuring the inside of your home stays comfortable and dry. When properly maintained, a front door can last for decades. So how do you know when a simple repair can do the trick… or if it’s time for a whole new door?

Take a closer look at your current front door and ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Is your front door warped?

Humidity causes wood to swell. When some wood doors dry after swelling, they can shrink and change shape. If your door is no longer level or is noticeably bowing or waving, replacing it may be your best bet.

2. Is your door difficult to open or close?

Warping is not just a cosmetic issue: it can make your door difficult to use. This is generally easier to notice right after a rainstorm because there’s more moisture in the air. If it’s becoming a workout to open and close your door, it might be time for a new one. Masonite DuraStyle Exterior Wood Doors are specifically designed to protect against the damaging effects of moisture. The doors feature AquaSeal technology, a clear coat of protection that makes the wood 22x more resistant to water penetration.

3. Do you notice cracks around the edges or in the door panels?

If your door is cracked, it is more susceptible to moisture damage since water can more easily infiltrate wood panels. Additionally, the structural integrity of the door may be compromised which could make your home an easier target for burglars. If your door is cracked, replace it as soon as possible. 

4. Is the door dented?

Dings and scratches are part of the comings and goings of a busy home. These imperfections are generally cosmetic and can be buffed out or covered. Unfortunately, dents are not so easy to hide. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to fix a dent in a steel door. In this case, it’s better to opt for a new front door. Fiberglass doors are generally more durable than steel doors and can better resist warping, bowing, scratches and dents.

5. Does the door frame or area around the frame show signs of water damage?

Water damage is a serious problem. If left untreated, water penetration can lead to wood rot and mold. It can also attract pests. If your door and/or frame have been exposed to water and are displaying signs of rot, it’s time to replace it.  

6. Is there condensation in the glass panes?

Condensation indicates that the seal between the two panes of door glass has failed. That moisture can spread to other door components, causing mold and rot. Depending on your door’s construction, replacing only the glass can prove difficult and costly—if not impossible. It’s generally easier to opt for a full door replacement.

7. Is the door rusty?

Door hardware plays an important role in keeping your home secure. If the hinges or locks are starting to rust, replacing these components is crucial to ensuring the security of your home. If you notice rust on the door itself (most common with steel doors), replacing the entire door may be necessary.

8. Do you notice a draft?

If you feel cold air breezing through your entryway, it means your front door’s seal has failed. This is a serious issue, as it results in wasted energy and potential water damage. A new door system will help you keep out cold drafts and may also result in lower energy bills.

9. Is the paint chipping or peeling?

Regular maintenance can help maintain the beauty of your door. The Masonite exterior door warranty recommends cleaning your door a few times a year using mild detergent and warm water to help protect the finish. We also require repainting or re-applying topcoat every few years, depending upon the weather exposure. If it’s been a while since the last touch-up, a fresh coat of paint might be all you need to restore the look of your door.

10. Do you just hate how it looks?

When it comes to your front door, looks matter. And sometimes, paint just isn’t enough. According to Realtor.com, the front door is one of the first things that potential buyers either compliment or hate. If you can’t stand the outdated oval glass or odd panel design, upgrade to a new front door that’s more your style. 

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Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door

Upgrading the look of your home is just one of the many benefits of replacing your front door. A new front door could make your life a lot easier: it opens and closes with ease while protecting against the elements. You may also notice lower energy bills and a more comfortable, draft-free home.

As a bonus, you are very likely to recoup most of what you spend on a new door whenever you move out of your home. Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report consistently ranks front door replace as one of the most cost-effective home upgrades. In 2021, entry door replacement netted up to 65% of the total cost recouped.

Choosing Your Front Door Material

There are three different exterior door materials to choose from: wood, steel and fiberglass. Wood doors are beautiful—but they also require more work to maintain and can be expensive. In comparison, steel doors are strong and affordable, but they can be susceptible to rust and dents.

Fiberglass doors tend to give you the best of both worlds: beauty and performance. The Masonite Performance Door System is specifically designed to defend against many of the issues that cause a front door to fail. When any of our on-trend fiberglass exterior doors are paired with our 4-Point Performance Seal, it results in a door system that is 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor. That means superior energy efficiency, performance and comfort for your home. Plus, the Masonite Performance Door System is backed by a 10-year replacement warranty.

Which Front Door is Right For Me?

Ready for a new front door… but not sure which front door is right for you? Find a Masonite dealer near you to get started.

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