The New Broken Plan: Are Open Concepts Over?


The New Broken Plan: Are Open Concepts Over?

May 6, 2022

open floor plan of a modern home with stone fireplace, wood floors and white marble counters.

Over the past decade, open plans have been one of the most prominent home design trends. Unified kitchen, dining and living areas give the impression of bigger, brighter spaces while allowing parents to easily keep an eye on small children.  

Now, with the pandemic normalizing hybrid and remote work, homeowners are realizing the need for more separation, quiet and privacy. An estimated 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022. Remote opportunities will only continue to increase through 2023, reports Forbes. Enter the broken floor plan

What is a Broken Plan?

Designed to address the growing work-from-home economy, a broken plan divides a home’s interior into specific areas for different activities and privacy levels. However, it’s not quite as harsh as a traditional closed floor plan, which designates several small rooms for cooking, eating, resting or working. Rather, broken plans allow for more flexibility and privacy without being firmly divided into individual areas. 

How to Create a Broken Floor Plan with Doors

broken floor plan with orange French doors leading to a loft-style home office with neutral, Scandinavian furniture.

Doors play an integral role in defining spaces, as well as connecting them. For example, a pair of French doors can be used to carve out a dedicated home office. This allows for privacy while still allowing natural light to flow throughout the rest of this loft.

broken floor plan with a white modern barn door in a Transitional kitchen with brown cabinetry and cream floors.

Similarly, a sliding barn door can be used to separate the clatter of the kitchen from activities in the main living area that require more focus, such as reading a book or watching television. Plus, it’s easy to install: the Masonite Barn Door Kit includes everything needed to transform a space in less than 90 minutes.  

Other Ways to Create Flexible Space

While doors help create semi-open partitions, there are many other creative, non-permanent ways to simulate a broken plan. Use a sleek, movable screen to subtly divide a room. Arrange bookcases or storage shelves to define specific areas within large, mixed-used spaces. Cover a corner with drapes to create a Bohemian-style reading or study nook.  

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