Image showing various people in their homes. Image showing various people in their homes.

Masonite Solid Core Doors A Sound Decision

Today’s home has become many things to many people—often at the same time. When the sounds of working, learning and playing collide, take control over the acoustics of your sanctuary to create quieter spaces that work for everyone.

See the Sonic Difference

A noticeable difference for everyone you share your space with.
Our solid core doors dampen sound and give you more control over your home. With Masonite doors, everyone has an uninterrupted space.

Give it a try :
Give it a try :

Doors Designed to Feel Different

What’s inside is what makes solid core doors special.
Masonite solid core doors are built with a strength you can feel. The durable core is designed to withstand the stress of real life. When other doors dent and ding, ours stay strong.

Showing the solid core door build layers
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Sound Reduction
Overall Value
7 Years Limited Warranty

Find the Right Door for Your Need

Man working from home

Our Melrose & Winslow styles give you the focus of an office without the distractions of home.

Fewer outside distractions = better focus
Less background noise on conference calls
Completes the office away from home feeling
Image featuring Melrose solid core door in home.
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Image featuring the Winslow Solid Core Door in home.
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decorative image of child and cradle

Lincoln Park and Riverside gives the kids a quiet space for nap or study time while keeping the sounds of playtime away from mom and dad.

Give little ones the quiet they need during the day
Keep playtime sounds inside their rooms
Strong, durable finishes have your back for when boys will be boys
feature image showing a Riverside solid core door leading into a bedroom
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Image showing a teen bedroom with a solid core door
Lincoln Park
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imge featuring solid core door in living room
Lincoln Park
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solid core door in a loft
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Create shared spaces that are both inviting and beautiful.

Entertain guests without disturbing the rest of your house
Entryways experience more wear and tear than other areas
Make a great first impression
solid core door being featured in a bathroom
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Make your bedroom a place for peace and quiet.

Great for families that run on different schedules
Feel more private and secure
Sleep in without interruption
Riverside Solid Core Door in a bedroom
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Shop Solid Core Doors

Stylish and on-trend doors that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Riverside Solid Core Door in Cayenne


4 Panel Square Solid Core Door in Aloof Gray

Aloof Gray

Melrose Solid Core Door in Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black

Livingston Solid Core Door in Anjour Pear

Anjour Pear

Cheyenne  Solid Core Door in Relentless Olive

Relentless Olive

Cheyenne  Solid Core Door in Relentless Olive

Winter Solstice


Where to buy

Masonite doors are available at home improvement stores across the nation — stop in and give it a try.

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