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Make a Sound Decision

Super-Quiet Solid Core Doors

Home has become many things to many people-often at the same time. When the sounds of working, learning and playing collide, take control and create quieter spaces that work for everyone.

Why Solid Core Doors?

It's Sound Dampening

Made with 70% more sound dampening material than our standard hollow doors.

It's Better Quality

More substantial than hollow doors, our doors have quality and strength you can feel.

It's More Durable

Dependable construction made to withstand the dents and dings of everyday life.

Masonite Solid Core Doors

Durable and beautiful, solid core doors provide the function and style that homeowners want. Scroll through some of our most popular doors or get the complete Masonite interior door catalog.

Livingston Solid Core Door in Anjour Pear
Lincoln Park
Cheyenne  Solid Core Door in Relentless Olive
2 Panel Square
6 Panel
2 Panel Arch
2 Panel Roman
4 Panel Square
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Solid to the Core

Doors Designed to Be Different

Designed with 70% more sound dampening material than our hollow core doors, they have quality you can feel and are built to handle life’s bumps and bruises.

Showing the solid core door build layers
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Solid Core Door
Hollow Core Door
Sound Reduction
Overall Value
7 Years Limited Warranty

Home Noise Reduction Visualizer

See the Difference

Our sound-damping solid core doors give you more control over sound in your home. From the laundry room door, to the home office door, to the playroom door, Masonite Interior Solid Core Doors enable everyone to have their own uninterrupted sound space.