Should You Paint Your Front Door Black?

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3 Panel Winslow Black Front Door on yellow Craftsman Home
Black is currently one of the trendiest front door colors. Painting your front door black has also been shown to have a measurable impact on the resale value of your home. According to a recent Zillow study, a black front door was associated with the highest offer price. Buyers stated they would be willing to pay, on average, $6,449 more for a home with a black front door.

However, a black front door might not be the right choice for every home. Here’s what you need to know before picking up a paint brush.

4 Things to Consider Before You Paint Your Front Door Black

1. What Direction Does Your Door Face?

Dark colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. So, if your door is in direct sunlight for much of the day, this could make it hot to the touch and may even damage to the door.

If your door is subjected to a great deal of direct sunlight, this can mean a greater risk of overheating, swelling, and cracking. Black front doors are generally a better choice for homes that face north, are in the shade or have an overhang.

2. What Material is Your Front Door?

Wood doors can swell in extreme heat, which may be exacerbated by black paint. If your wood door expands too much, it can warp…. which leads to issues with opening and closing. Steel and fiberglass doors do not typically warp, but they can still absorb a lot of sunlight and get very hot, which leads to other issues.  

For more information about the differences between front door materials, check out this post.

3. Will Painting Your Door Black Void Your Warranty?

Your warranty is important because life can be hard on doors, regardless of what color they are. Your front door helps protect your home from damaging weather, including high winds, water infiltration and temperature shifts.

In addition to providing coverage for your door, your warranty also outlines what you need to do to maintain it. Every door is different—be sure to read your door’s warranty carefully because painting it black could void it.

4. Are You Prepared to Do More Maintenance?

Black paint fades faster than lighter colors. This generally means more upkeep than you might want. Again, it’s important to read your door’s warranty carefully and follow instructions about cleaning and painting.

What Colors Look Good with a Black Front Door?
Black front door with glass and sideline on a Transitional home with stone siding

Black has become popular because it has no undertones, which means it pairs well with a variety of colors. It looks beautiful with other neutral tones like white, gray and brown. Black is even attractive with a brighter exterior color palette because it can ground bolder tones like blue, green or red. A variety of exterior materials, including wood, stone and brick, are also complemented by black. 

Will Black Front Doors Go Out of Style?

Black doors have been trending for some time. They first became popular with the rise of Gabled Modern homes in the early 2000s. Black front doors soon became a staple of Modern Farmhouse homes, adding a contemporary, high-contrast look. Many other types of homes adopted the trend, including ultra-modern homes and even more classic styles.

However, according to trend research prepared exclusively for Masonite, black doors are not going out of style anytime soon. In fact, Voltage, a trend that has become increasingly prominent in a post-pandemic world, specifically relies on black doors to highlight classic features in a bold new way: “Designing with darks is an essential part of the new elegance game.”

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