Always Connected. Always Protected.

Introducing the first-ever* powered and fully integrated smart door platform that keeps you connected whether you’re at home or away.​

Tap the hotspots to explore.

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Come home to smart.

Empowering the door to do more.​

Security with complete control.

With a built-in Ring video doorbell, Yale smart lock, motion sensing security LED lights, and a smartphone app, safety has never been smarter.

Power that never runs out.

No batteries means no hassle.

With tech that’s powered by a fully integrated door and backed by an emergency back-up battery*, your door will always be on.

Constant connection.
Endless convenience.


Watch coming and goings from anywhere, turn lights on without lifting a finger, and lock or unlock your door with a tap on your phone.

A front door that always has your back.

control in the palm of your hand.

The Masonite M-Pwr smartphone app lets you turn your lights on and off and tells you if your door is open or closed—so you can be in control from any location at any time.

Always in your style.

Boost your home's curb appeal.

With dozens of designs, colors, finishes and glass, you can make our smart door your own.

Brains and Brawn.

A door that's smart and built to last.

10-year limited warranty
Your investment is covered and built to last
Entire door system is crafted with performance materials and better construction that help keep out wind and water
Factory finished for consistent quality and color
*M-Pwr is the first residential exterior door to integrate power, lights and a video doorbell into the door system
*Battery back-up device lasts 24 hours.