Mahogany Craftsman Modern Farmhouse Exterior Le Chateau Torrefied Wood Door by Masonite

Torrefied Wood Exterior Doors

Find a beautiful wooden front door that’s engineered to stand the test of time. Our torrefied doors undergo an all-natural green process to eliminate wood’s tendency to rot. It also makes the door far more structurally stable, and highly resistant to heat, cold and moisture.

Weather Resistant
Water Resistant
Customizable Panel Designs
20 Year Limited Warranty
20 Year Warranty

Available Species

Torrefied Maple
Torrefied Maple
Torrefied Fir
Torrefied Fir
Torrefied Mahogany
Torrefied Mahogany

Torrefied Wood Door Features

Weather Resistant
No Overhang Required

Torrefication is a green process that makes wood less reactive to water… making it ideal for tough exposures where only the best will do.

Real Wood Authenticity
Genuine Wood

Enjoy the high-end  look, feel and smell of an authentic wood door. 

Customizable Panel Designs

Make a statement by choosing from thousands of designs and glass options.

Torrefied Wood Doors

4 Lite (1/2) Over 2 Panel (444) in Maple Torrefied with Pearl glass

1 Lite (3/4) Over 1 Panel (501) in Mahogany Torrefied with Pear glass

6 Lite Craftsman (1/4) Over 2 Panel (2662) in Fir Torrefied with Flemish glass

4 Panelite Equal (C40 w/glazing) in Maple Torrefied with Narrow Reed glass

3 Panel Mission (C35) in Fir Torrefied

4 Panel Square Top (C44) in Maple Torrefied

8 Panel (C88) in Mahogany Torrefied

Trending Textured Glass for Torrefied Doors

Cross Reed Privacy Rating: 7

Flemish Privacy Rating: 4

Narrow Reed Privacy Rating: 7

Pear Privacy Rating: 9

Pearl Privacy Rating: 9

Waterglass Rating: 5