Barrington Doors

Ultimate style and durability

Featuring a superior woodgrain texture and distinct raised mouldings, Barrington premium fiberglass doors add a rich and luxurious feel to your entryway.

Woodgrain Texture and Raised Mouldings
Woodgrain Texture and Raised Mouldings
Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant
Factory Sealed Glass
Wider, factory-sealed glass
Durable - Won't Rot or Dent
Durable — won’t rot or dent
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Lifetime limited warranty

Available Textures

Mahogany Fiberglass
Mahogany Fiberglass
Oak Fiberglass
Oak Fiberglass

Barrington Doors

Barrington Craftsman Oak with BC6 Glass and Dentil Shelf

Barrington Sierra 2-Panel Plank Camber Top

Barrington Mahogany 3/4 Lite with BR3 Glass

Barrington Flagstaff Plank

Barrington Oak 3/4 Oval with BR4 Glass

Barrington Craftsman Oak with BC4 Glass

Barrington Oak 3-Panel with Camber Top with BR3 Glass

Available Glass for Barrington Fiberglass Doors

CBT & CBH Privacy Rating: 1

BC4 Privacy Rating: 6

BC6 Privacy Rating: 4

BS1 (Clear) Privacy Rating: 1

BR4 Privacy Rating: 7

BR3 Privacy Rating: 4

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