5 New Products for 2019

Visual + Performance

New Products 2019 - Top Row of 2

Livingston Interior Molded Door

Exclusive new design making homeowners stop and take notice of their doors

New Products 2019 - Bottom Row of 4

Wrought Iron Frame

Adds a touch of rustic authenticity and is easily installed

Snap-Fit Frame

Sleek modern look—no tools or finishing required

Impact-Rated Mini Blinds

Provides privacy and severe weather protection

Cross Reed Glass

Maximizes natural light without sacrificing privacy

Masonite Livingston molded door shown in black in a Nordic Noir bedroom

Unique. Versatile. Timeless.

Livingston Interior Molded Door

Masonite’s exclusive new design is making homeowners stop and take notice of their doors. The Livingston door instantly transforms any interior with a unique profile that is universally appealing.

Set yourself apart by choosing the only molded door designed to make a lasting statement.

Natural Beauty. Engineered to Last.

Exterior Wood Doors with AquaSeal™ Technology

Masonite offers the only factory-sealed exterior wood door. Our exclusive AquaSeal™ technology enables our wood doors to resist water better than anything on the market.

Choose the only exterior wood door proven to last longer.

Masonite Exterior Wood Doors with AquaSeal™ technology in a rustic brick home at sunset
Masonite Wrought Iron frame for doors with glass set in rustic, Mediterranean-style home

Rustic. Authentic. Easy to Install.

Wrought Iron Frame

Elevate curb appeal with Masonite’s New Wrought Iron Frame. Perfect for Mediterranean, Southwestern and Spanish-Modern homes, this frame adds a hint of rustic charm to exterior doors with glass—yet it requires little effort to install.

Sleek and Modern in a Snap

Snap-Fit Frame

The New Snap-Fit Frame for doors with glass is essential for transitional and modern homes. Unblemished by screw-covers, scalloping or waviness, Snap-Fit Frame looks great and is easy to install. Simply snap the frame into place—no tools, finishing or sealing required.

Clean white door with Snap-Fit frame for doors with glass by Masonite set in contemporary exterior
Black door with black hardware and Cross Reed textured glass in large lite and sidelites

Contemporary Style. Uncompromising Privacy.

Cross Reed Glass

Maximize natural light without sacrificing privacy. Masonite’s New Cross Reed textured glass design is the perfect choice for transitional or modern homes. With a clean, contemporary and continuous linear pattern, Cross Reed offers visual interest while ensuring seclusion.

Better Blinds for Greater Peace of Mind

Impact-Rated Mini Blinds

Masonite® Impact-Rated Mini Blinds are designed to protect coastal homes from hurricane force winds and wind-borne debris, while also offering the privacy and light exposure of traditional integrated door blinds.

Impact-rated mini-blinds by Masonite in blue door showing coastal storm outside