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Masonite M-Pwr™ Smart Doors are the first* to employ patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology to connect residential exterior doors to a home’s electrical system and wireless internet network. It is a fully powered system providing reliable “always on” smart technology and lighting. The first edition of the doors feature an integrated backup battery**, smartphone app, LED welcome lighting, Ring Video Doorbell, Yale Home smart lock and more.

Masonite® M-Pwr™ Smart Doors are exclusively available through select builders. By partnering with Masonite, builders have a unique opportunity to upsell to homeowners by leveraging the Masonite, Ring and Yale Home brands.

The doors come equipped with fully integrated power, battery backup**, M-Pwr™ Smartphone App, LED welcome lighting, Ring Video Doorbell, Yale Home, door state sensor, and are made with premium fiberglass with multiple style options.

· Fully Integrated Power: Connected to your home’s power supply, so it’s always on.

· Battery Backup**: Even if your power goes out, your door stays on.

· M-Pwr Smartphone App: Control lights, check if the door is open or closed, customize your settings and more.

· LED Welcome Lighting: Programmable, motion-sensing lights show you the way.

· Ring Video Doorbell: Monitor your front door from anywhere with a built-in Ring Video Doorbell.

· Yale Home smart lock: Lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your phone.

· Door State Sensor: A sensor detects if your door is open or closed.

· Premium Fiberglass Door: High-quality, long-lasting construction stands up to wind and water.

· Virtually Endless Style Options: Select a door that suits your home with a range of colors and glass styles

The smart door is connected to your home’s main power as part of the installation process. The power is routed through the top of the door frame and transferred to low-voltage energy, making it safe to use and easy to access for any maintenance.

To activate power to the door, you must use the Masonite® M-Pwr™ App to create an account and then register the door. Once registered, the M-Pwr App allows you to check door power status, change LED settings, monitor status of your door state, set your notification and lighting preferences, set up additional devices, add users to your account and more. Additionally, the Ring and Yale Apps are required to control the integrated products. During the construction process we encourage you to use the physical key set that comes with the door.

While Masonite® M-Pwr™ Smart Doors do not integrate with security systems; both Ring and Yale Home products are compatible with many security systems.

The intelligent design is incorporated into premium fiberglass doors that are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, including multiple glass options. The door is offered in a curated palette from top eye-catching color trends.

Masonite® M-Pwr™ Smart Doors are currently available in select areas. Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are currently being sold to builders through normal distribution with the assist of the Masonite sales team. Please fill out this form to have a Masonite Sales representative contact you about purchasing a door.

If you experience an issue with any part on your Masonite® M-Pwr™ Smart Door, please contact Masonite Customer Support at 866-996-2031 or email

The installation for the door is similar to that of a non-powered door with a few key differences. The wiring runs through the frame of the door so it will come with caution stickers for where the installer can and cannot drill into the frame. Additionally, the power will need to be ran to the header of the door during the wiring of the house. Click here to access our installation instructions.

There is no daily maintenance required. Find detailed Masonite® M-Pwr™ Smart Doors care instructions here. To clean your M-Pwr™ Smart Door, wipe/clean all surfaces of the panel(s), sidelite(s), and frame with a lint-free rag and solution of water and mild dish soap.