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2019 Trends Revealed

From clothes to food and home décor, culture influences almost everything we do. But as our norms and values change, so does our culture. To keep you ahead of the curve, Masonite has partnered with Stylus, a globally renowned forecasting agency, to project next year’s most prominent design trends.


With over 3.4 million Americans working from home at least half of the time, they need flexible areas that can easily transition between multiple modes.

Modern living room showcasing the Live Work design trend


More homeowners are recognizing the power of moderation: 70% of people who have recently decluttered feel a greater sense of control over their lives.

Nordic Noir bedroom with hanging headboard and gray bedding


Time, space and silence are becoming precious amenities, while eco-sensibility continues to sit high on the agenda for luxury spaces.

Rustic Luxury dining room with warm orange accents and wood ceiling


One in five homeowners is a single woman; as female buying-power continues to increase, spaces are being redesigned with their needs in mind.

Pretty + Calm kitchen with white walls, marble counter, fresh flowers and pink accents


Last year, international tourism surged 7% following years of stagnant growth. Now, travelers are bringing blended influences from various cultures home.

Vibrant Mediterranean terrace with wood, stone and water views


Sustainability and simplicity matter more than ever: 66% of Americans define "living well" by having good health and leading a balanced lifestyle.

Urban Country living room with mixed furniture and fireplace

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At Masonite, we believe a door is more than a door. They are a pivotal yet often-overlooked design element—and the largest piece of art most homeowners will ever have. To ensure our doors integrate seamlessly with any trend, we collaborate with leading design and architectural influencers.

Learn more about our Trend Council and discover the unique perspective each member brings to the table.

Kate Rumson,
Founder: @the_real_houses_of_ig
Kate Rumson,
Founder: @the_real_houses_of_ig
Matt Roberts, Architect and Masonite External Trend Council Member
Matt Roberts,
Award-Winning Architect
Patrick T. Cooper, Stylist and Masonite Extrernal Trend Council Member
Patrick Cooper,
Celebrity Stylist
Elias Kababie,
International Architect
Elias Kababie, Architect and Masonite External Trend Council Member
Elias Kababie,
International Architect
Claire Walsh, Stylus Consultant and Masonite External Trend Council Member
Claire Walsh,
Stylus Consultant