How to Fix Door Drafts


How to Stop Door Drafts

Cold air leaking through your front door is a serious problem. A door snake might be a cute quick fix—but it isn’t a permanent solution.

If air is getting into your home, air is also getting out, which means your utility bills may be higher than usual. And if air is getting in, water is also likely coming in, which can lead to rot, mold and other costly issues.  

If you notice a draft, this indicates a seal failure with your door system. To address it, you first need to understand exactly which part of your door system has failed. 

How to Fix Door Drafts  

1. Check for Light
During the daytime, look for visible cracks on or around the door. They should be easy to identify because sunlight will pass through the opening. This is most common in older wood doors, as the wood can split and crack over time. If this is the case, you need to replace it with a new door.

If the door itself is not the problem, there could be gaps between the door and the frame. Take a close look at the weather-stripping—if it’s worn, cracked or even missing, then this could be the source of your leak. Replacing the weatherstripping could fix the problem, but not all weather stripping is created equal. Consider a high-performance product for the best results.

2. Feel for a Draft
If you are unable to find cracks or gaps, try to feel for the leak with your hands. Sometimes it helps to dampen your hand with water because it will make it easier to feel a sudden burst of cold air coming through.

Check the sides of the door as well as the door top and bottom. If the bottom of the door is leaking, sweep replacement could be an option to fix the draft. Sweeps are often stapled or screwed to the bottom of the door panel and make contact with the door sill. However, if there is mold or rot around the door frame, this could indicate your whole doorway has likely been compromised, meaning a simple sweep replacement won’t be enough. It’s time for a new front door.

3. Use a Slip of Paper
Still not sure? Grab a sheet of lightweight paper (even toilet paper will work!) and hold it up close to each part of your door. When the paper begins to move, you’ll be able to easily identify the source of the leak. This tactic works best for parts of the door which are harder to reach, such as the top corner.

If the draft is coming from the top corner, this can also mean a problem with the door itself, such as warping. Warped doors no longer fit the door frame, creating gaps that allow air and water to pass through. It can also make opening and closing your door difficult. If your door is warped, it’s time for a new one.

Benefits of Upgrading to a New Door System

Black Masonite Performance Door System with clear glass in a neutral foyer

If your front door has been compromised, you should consider replacing the entire door system. A door system refers to all the components associated with the operation of a door, including the door itself, frame, sill, weatherstripping, corner pads, hinges and trim. When these components are designed and tested to work together, it results in the best-possible protection against air and water leaks.

The Masonite Performance Door System is specifically designed to defend against many of the issues that cause a front door to fail. When any of our on-trend fiberglass exterior doors are paired with our 4-Point Performance Seal, it results in a door system that is 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor. Plus, the Masonite Performance Door System is backed by a 10-year limited full replacement warranty.

Here are the parts that work together to achieve superior energy efficiency, performance and comfort for your home:

  • Square edge door: Other manufacturers use rounded edges, which lead to an insufficient seal. Our square edge, however, fits perfectly into the door frame for a solid, energy efficient seal.
  • Self-adjusting sill: Most sills need to be manually adjusted, but ours automatically adjusts. This means advanced protection from air and water leaks.
  • Adaptive weatherstripping: Our adaptive weatherstripping is made of high-end, low-wick memory foam that stops both air and water in its tracks.
  • Enhanced corner pads: Our enhanced corner pads are designed to stop water driven by wind and form a tight seal between the door and its frame.
  • Rot-resistant frame: Our rot-resistant frame never wicks water, swells or molds. It’s immune to both the heat and cold, providing quality and durability.

  • Fiberglass construction: Our premium fiberglass doors don’t rot, warp or crack… making them virtually waterproof. Plus, they come in a variety of designs to complement any home— from modern to Craftsman through transitional and even classic.

Ready for a new front door? The Masonite Performance Door system is available at Masonite dealers. Find a location near you to get started.

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