Hidden Doors Revealed: 3 Ideas to Try in Your Home


Hidden Doors Revealed: 3 Ideas to Try in Your Home

August 30, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “hidden doors?” A bookcase that pivots to reveal a speakeasy? How about a hinged wall that opens to a secret passageway? Both are correct: hidden doors have been used for centuries for many different purposes, adding an instant sense of mystery and intrigue to any environment.

Today, hidden doors are making a comeback as a practical design element that helps make spaces feel more connected. Hidden doors can hide anything, from closets to “man caves,” while helping the adjoining room or hallway appear neat and clutter-free.

Here are some ways to add this trending design element to your home, no matter what its style.

1. Blend the Door into Architectural Features 

Classic office with pink walls featuring pink three-panel hidden door and white ceiling

Classic homes typically feature more ornate design elements. Incorporate a door that matches these elegant appointments so perfectly that it seems to disappear into its surroundings. For example, this cameo pink office conceals a closet with our Livingston door, which features a detailed three-panel profile that appears custom-made for the wainscoting.

2. Disguise the Door with Texture 

Cream-colored Craftsman hallway with two-panel hidden door, mirror and end table

Texture is another important, yet often overlooked, factor to consider when hiding a door. The smooth off-white walls and wainscoting of this Craftsman hallway precisely match the smooth texture of our two-panel Logan interior molded door. If your hallway has wood details, such as paneling or trim, a genuine wood door or wood-textured molded door might be a better fit.

3. Conceal the Door with Color 

modern bedroom with gray walls and gray door and matching trim

Lastly, adding a hidden door to your home can be as simple as matching the door to your color palette. This effect is ideal for modern homes, which tend to have simpler design features like basic trim and flat ceilings. To hide a door, opt for a flush design or one with subtle—almost “ghost-like” embossment—such as our Melrose interior door. Then, match the door color and surrounding trim to the walls.

Want to learn more about the hottest home design trends? Masonite offers a suite of complementary interior and exterior doors for the whole home in a variety of styles and materials. Find the perfect doors for your home.

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