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For years, interior doors have been white because of their universal neutrality. Even as wall colors and trims have changed with the times, basic white doors seemed to stay the same…until now.

More and more interior designers and savvy DIYers are switching to the “dark side” and opting for black interior doors. According to HomedIt, the trend rose to popularity with modern farmhouse décor—but stuck around due to its incredible versatility. The color black is elegant and sophisticated — yet also surprisingly neutral — pairing well with almost any type of décor. 

Here are five reasons why you should try black interior doors in your home:

5 Reasons to Try Black Interior Doors

1. Look Good in Any Style of Home

black three-panel door in Craftsman bathroom with black and white tiles

Black is considered the strongest of the four standard neutral colors (the others being white, brown and grey). Neutrals don’t have hue undertones, which means they can be paired with cool or warm palettes. That’s why black doors blend beautifully with almost every texture, color, pattern, piece of furniture, or element in a room.

For example, if you have a traditional Craftsman home that embraces earthy greens, rich reds and burnt yellows, black doors can be used to add depth. If you have a modern home that doesn’t incorporate much color, black doors can be used to make a bold, unexpected statement without clashing with the rest of your décor.

Not sure what style of home you have? Take this quick quiz to figure it out.

2. Conceal Dirt
5 reasons to paint your interior doors black

A major downfall of white or light-colored doors in general is that they tend to collect dirt quickly. Handprints, shoe marks, and scuffs can be a pain to scrub out and sometimes will never fully vanish, leaving permanent eyesores. With black doors, this isn’t nearly such an issue, because they tend to camouflage dirt and imperfections better than white doors.

3. Create a Focal Point
black sliding barn door leading to laundry room

The color black is surprising, dramatic and bold. Black transforms a basic interior door into a unique focal point that looks expensive and custom. Plus, there are many ways to play around with the finish to achieve your ideal look. The higher the gloss, the more dramatic your black doors will be. Just remember to keep in mind that a high gloss will magnify dents and dings. The same is true for matte finishes, as the lack of sheen will show handprints. If you are opting for black doors because they are easier to keep clean, go with a semi-gloss or satin finish.

Also, it’s important to note that not all your interior doors have to match. Consider the impact you want to create in every space throughout your home to decide which would make the best showcase for black interior doors. You may opt for a pair of double black doors to create a dramatic effect for a room at the top of your staircase. Or, you may consider swapping out a traditional door for a black sliding barn door. This is the perfect way to save space and add style in spots like laundry rooms, closets and master bathrooms. Plus, they’re easy to install: Masonite Barn Door Kits come with everything you need and are available in a variety of pre-finished styles that are perfect for painting black.

4. Make Ceilings Appear Taller

black interior door in modern bedroom with tall ceilings

Grand entrances are not just for foyers! You can carry that dramatic effect throughout your home with black interior doors. If you have low ceilings or a room that feels a bit claustrophobic, black interior doors may be the perfect solution to help open a space. Because black doors become the focal point of a room, they will draw the eye upward. This helps elongate the walls by creating the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it really is. As a bonus, they also help reflect light (especially with a glossier finish) which can make a room feel larger.

5. Timeless

5 reasons to paint your interior doors black

The same reason black goes with everything is the same reason it will never go out of style: it’s neutral.  

Remember sponge-painted accent walls? How about shiplap? Interior design trends like this come and go. However, as the rest of your décor changes, your black interior doors will continue to look good.

What Color Should My Black Door’s Trim Be?

Your interior doors and trim do not have to match. They can be whatever style and color you want them to be. This is particularly true with black doors, because they go with anything!

White trim tends to look the most classic. For a bolder look, opt for black trim. A black door paired with black trim makes the entrance to any room appear oversized and grander. Choosing a complementary trim color is another option. Consider a muted grey for depth and dimension.

Play around with options and swatches to see what combination best in your space. For more ideas, read our blog on door and trim colors.  

What Hardware Goes with Black Interior Doors?

The hardware of your door is an underrated way to tie in the rest of your décor. Take a look around your home (especially your light fixtures, furniture and other finishes) and try to complement the essence of the space.

If you have a traditional craftsman home, choose brass hardware for a more authentic look. For a classic home such as a colonial or Victorian, play up ornate details with clear crystal knobs. For more transitional décor, opt for simple silver levers. For a modern look, try matte black hardware to achieve a chic monochromatic look.

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