Masonite DuraStyle™ Exterior Wood Doors with AquaSeal™ Technology

Your new wood door is beautiful. Our job is to help keep it looking just like new. That’s why we created AquaSeal, a proprietary Masonite technology that provides a barrier of pure protection against water, moisture, and the elements.

22x more Water Resistance
Fully Customizable
5 Year Warranty

Available Non-Torrefied Species

Non Torrefied Mahogany
Non Torrefied Fir
Non Torrefied Knotty Alder
Knotty Alder
Non Torrefied Hemlock
Non Torrefied Pine

Available Torrefied* Species

Mahogany-Torrefied Specie
Fir-Torrefied Specie
Maple-Torrefied Specie

DuraStyle Finishing Instructions

Thank you for choosing Masonite DuraStyle exterior doors with AquaSeal technology. AquaSeal technology incorporates a silicon base sealant factory integrated around the perimeter of each panel and pane of glass. It is our AquaSeal technology that will provide you with many years of performance and beauty. For more information please reference the Wood Door Finishing and Care guide.

Before finishing this door

Please inspect the sealant area surrounding the panels and or glass for the presence of wood dust or wood chips. If wood particles are noticeable, the particles should be removed prior to application of paint or stain. This can easily be accomplished using one of two following methods:

  • Use a soft to medium bristle brush to remove wood particles.
  • Use a rag with mineral spirits to wipe away wood particles.

Important stain application instruction

While our AquaSeal technology implements a paintable and stainable silicon-based sealant, some paint and stain products may require additional coat(s) to applied on the sealant to provide adequate coverage and color matching. If additional applications of finish are needed on the sealant, simply use a cotton swab stick (Q-tip) or thin foam or bristle brush.

DuraStyle Wood Door Features

22x More Water Resistance

AquaSeal makes your door 22x more resistant to water penetration. And it dries clear, so it stays out of the way of your door’s natural beauty.  

Lifetime Warranty Logos

5 Year Warranty

There’s beauty. And then there’s beauty, AquaSealed. That’s why all DuraStyle doors feature this technology—and they’re backed by a 5-year warranty. 


Fully Customizable

Find the perfect wood door for your home. DuraStyle doors are available in a variety of designs, glass options, and species.

DuraStyle Wood Doors

4 Lite (1/2) Over 2 Panel (444) in Knotty Alder with Clear glass

1 Lite (3/4) Over 1 Panel (501) in Fir with Clear glass

6 Lite Craftsman (1/4) Over 2 Panel (2662) in Fir Torrefied with Flemish glass

4 Panelite Equal (C40 w/glazing) in Maple Torrefied with Narrow Reed glass

3 Panel Mission (C35) in Mahogany

4 Panel Square Top (C44) in Pine

8 Panel (C88) in Mahogany Torrefied

Trending Textured Glass for DuraStyle Doors

Flemish Privacy Rating: 4

Narrow Reed Privacy Rating: 7

Pear Privacy Rating: 9

Pearl Privacy Rating: 9

Rain Glass Rating: 5

*What are Torrefied species?

Torrefied doors also undergo an all-natural, green process that helps eliminate rotting. This innovative technique also helps make the door more structurally stable with added resistance to heat, cold and moisture.