Do Doors and Trim Have to Match?

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Color is one of the things that gives your home character. Everything from the walls to the decor plays a role in bringing your perfect palette to life. 

If you’re renovating or redecorating, painting doors and trim is an inexpensive way to refresh any room in your home. But what color should your trim be? Do doors and trim have to match exactly? Or should trim stay white?

Painting the trim can have a huge impact on how the rest of the space looks. Here are a few popular trim and door color combinations to consider.

Popular Door Trim Ideas

White Trim

pink Livingston door with white trim in classic office with white wainscoting

You know what they say: a classic never goes out of style. White trim pairs beautifully with just about any shade. For example, the white trim in this office helps distinguish the blush-colored Livingston door from the blush-colored wainscoting and walls.  

 If you don’t like the look of slight contrast, it’s perfectly fine to paint your walls, trim and door white. Just make sure it’s the same shade of white or different enough to feel intentional. Either way, a white trim and door help give any room a clean and uniform look.

Black Trim
Craftsman bathroom with white Winslow door and black trim with matching black and white tile and black clawfoot tub

No matter what color your walls and door are, black trim almost always looks chic. This is particularly true if there are additional black elements to play up, such as the clawfoot tub and decorative tile in this Craftsman bathroom. Black trim makes the overall design look cohesive and intentional. Plus, since black is considered a classic, it is unlikely to go out of style.

Matching Trim
modern bedroom with gray walls and gray hidden door near charcoal dresser and floor-length mirror

Matching your trim and door color is another option that helps create a hidden door effect. The same way contrasting colors add drama, a monochromatic approach helps make a space feel calmer—especially with darker colors. This soothing grey palette is the perfect choice for this modern, minimalistic bedroom.  

Complementary Trim

gray door with dark gray trim in a foyer with white walls and wooden staircase

Another option is choosing a complementary trim color. This less expected choice allows you to be a bit more creative and draw inspiration from other colors throughout your home, including the walls, accessories, and furniture. For example, the trim in this hallway pulls in the grey from the window trim and light fixture. Since it’s a bit deeper than the grey shade of the door, it introduces subtle sophistication by adding a bit of depth to the entrance.

While these are a few trim and door color combinations to get you started, there are no rules as to what colors specifically need to be used. Try out swatches to see what looks good together. Also, colors can vary per room: don’t be afraid to use different trim and door color combinations in various rooms.

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