Barbiecore Unboxed: 5 Ways to Try This Interior Design Trend


Barbiecore Unboxed: 5 Ways to Try This Interior Design Trend

Barbiecore living room with pink walls and pink couch

When the photos from the 2023 live-action Barbie movie were leaked online earlier this year, the internet went wild. TikTok users began uploading Barbie-inspired outfit tutorials and how to transform a space into your very own Barbie “Dreamhome.” High-end designers jumped on the trend, with apparel in Barbie’s signature bubble-gum pink now being sold at Valentino.

The trend was dubbed “Barbiecore.” And it’s currently the hottest interior design trend of the moment, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

What is Barbiecore?

After years of being trapped inside during the pandemic, people are moving away from flat palettes and sterile spaces. Maximalism is coming back in a big way, and Barbiecore is the perfect example—it’s bright, shiny and irreverently retro.

Barbiecore pays homage to the fashion industry—but does not necessarily follow fashion. The trend encourages homeowners to be audacious with color; mix and match patterns and, above all, do what makes them happy.

Here are five ways to incorporate the Barbiecore interior design trend into your home.

1. Mix Pinks

Barbiecore living room with pink walls wood floors and pink Masonite Riverside door

Barbie is synonymous with hot pink. This works well for her plastic mansion because it’s a toy. However, your home is a place where you need to rest, recharge and relax—painting everything hot pink could be overstimulating.

The Barbiecore trend blends many different shades of pink, from vibrant to more subdued. Mix hues to get the perfect balance for every room. For instance, the pale pink walls of this living room create a calming backdrop while the deep rose color used on the five-panel Riverside interior molded door adds a bold accent. Green furniture and gold accents help the rose tones pop even more.

2. Incorporate Playful Furniture 

Barbiecore living room with pink walls and blue couch

You don’t have to go out and buy a matching set of a hot pink sofa and chairs. Barbiecore is lighthearted and eclectic—combine pieces of furniture that are meaningful to you and work well within your space. Mix curvaceous pieces like velvet barrel chairs, round ottomans and side tables with angular shapes like a sectional sofa. Add accessories for color and character: lace curtains, classic jute rugs, pretty pillows and soft throw blankets.

Don’t be afraid to bring in shades that are traditionally “masculine” like blue or green. For example, the turquoise sofa brings an instant air of coolness to the Barbiecore living room pictured above, balancing the warm, peach-colored walls. 

3. Play Up Whimsical Prints

sliding barn door in closet bedroom with floral wallpaper and pink Masonite sliding barn door

A true maximalist trend, Barbiecore is celebrated for vivid features like feminine prints. These can be incorporated as floral wallpaper, bohemian rugs or geometric tilework. Vintage wall décor, such as pop art or postcard prints, is a fun, nostalgic nod to the 1960s, when Barbie was born.

By all means, embrace prints—but don’t go overboard. Achieve balance with whitespace and understated details peppered throughout the rest of your room. For example, this Barbiecore bedroom features one floral-printed accent wall. A pink sliding barn door beautifully ties in the color motif depicted in the wallpaper. Pure white walls, a plush, neutral rug and cloud-like bedding ground the space with serenity.  

4. Add Sophisticated Accents

Barbiecore bathroom with white marble walls and coral three-panel Masonite Winslow interior molded door

Because of the playful nature of this trend, it can quickly become kitsch. Sophisticated accents are key to helping your Barbiecore space feel luxurious and age-appropriate. Add pieces that look expensive and custom but don’t necessarily have to be—think lacquered furniture, mirrored surfaces, floral arrangements and textured glassware.  

This Barbiecore bathroom ties it all together, juxtaposing retro corals with high-end marble and modern, duo-tone cabinetry. The three-panel Winslow interior molded door is garnished with a crystal doorknob. Gleaming gold accents have been tastefully incorporated throughout, from the faucet to the towel holder.

5. Introduce Retro Elements

Barbiecore kitchen with blue vintage refrigerator

This trend is very much rooted in nostalgia. Barbiecore hearkens to a simpler time—and retro features are the perfect reminder. This trend brings back wicker, batten and bamboo furniture, chrome accents and other décor deemed too garish for modern minimalist homes.     

Barbiecore makes it all work with moderation. Above, this Barbiecore kitchen creates a cheerful prep space with pale pink walls and warm, mid-toned wood floors with a butcherblock countertop. Wall décor is minimal; rather, open shelves are used to display dinnerware. A pale blue vintage refrigerator brings a sense of playfulness while a sleek cooktop and all-white range provide modern practicality. 

Curious what’s beyond Barbiecore? For every trend, Masonite offers a suite of complementary interior and exterior doors for the whole home in a variety of styles and materials. Find the perfect doors for your home.  

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