5 Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Masonite Performance Door System in black with textured glass on a front entry with white brick

Your front door is the first impression of your home. It’s also the backdrop for family photos, the canvas for seasonal décor and many more of life’s unforgettable moments.

With the seasons changing and the holidays coming up soon, now is the time to spruce up your front entry. From accessorizing your current space to the ultimate update of upgrading to a new door, here are some ideas to help create a lasting first impression.

5 Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Front Door 

1. Accessorize with Textures

blue front door with yellow wreath and colorful plants

Adding unexpected textures to your entryway adds interest with minimal effort. Think beyond traditional floral wreaths and get creative! Wreaths can be made with driftwood, outdoor fabrics or even something quirky like cocktail umbrellas! These add personality to a front door and can be hung using non-damaging adhesive strips. Installing planter boxes near the front door is always the first step to bring it to life. Climate and season will be a factor, so consider options such as succulents for sunny spots or caladiums for shady ones. As a finishing touch, an oversized or unconventionally shaped natural fiber doormat will add instant style and function.

2. Add a Splash of Color 
Orange front door for 5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Front Door blog

Painting the front door is a fun DIY project that can elevate a home’s exterior and create a more inviting entrance for guests. Plus, it looks great in photos! Most architecture can support a brightly colored door, so stepping outside of your comfort zone with a jewel tone is great way to add a pop of color. (Just remember that dark doors can get very hot in southern climates!)

You don’t even need to remove your door from its hinges to paint it, just be sure to protect your floors and tape off the hardware. And if you’re replacing a door, Masonite offers pre-finished doors in a wide range of colors.

3. Update Your Hardware and Fixtures
blue front door with silver "72" house number and silver door knocker

Replacing your door hardware and updating your light fixtures is another way to enhance your home’s exterior presence. Whether you opt for a new metal finish or upgrade to a smart lock, your door hardware should complement the architecture of the home. House numbers are also an opportunity to provide a decorative touch. They should be installed in a highly visible location. Adding an oversized light fixture is not only on-trend, but also draws attention to your front door and creates a more welcoming space. Just make sure the metal finishes on all hardware and fixtures match!

4. Give It a Cleaning 

pink gloved hand wiping down the fan lite of a dark wood front door

Most people don’t think about washing their front door, but a grubby door doesn’t create a good first impression. Meanwhile, cleaning a door is easy and will help extend the longevity of your front door while keeping it looking fresh. Wash your front door with light pressure to prevent cleaning agents from permeating for long periods of time. Don’t forget the frame and door glass! The frequency of cleanings required will be largely dependent on environmental factors.

5. Replace It

Neutral front entry with black Masonite Performance Door System looking out to a rainy street

 In some cases, it’s just time for a new, better-performing front door. Installing a new front door is easier than you think, and it can be completed in one day with a qualified contractor or as a DIY project. It not only provides a fresh look to boost your curb appeal, but a new front door can also have a huge impact inside your home by letting light in and keeping the elements out.

The Masonite Performance Door System is 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor, based on certified third-party testing. And, no matter what type of home you have, there is an on-trend option for you. The System is offered with all Masonite exterior fiberglass doors, which are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, including multiple glass options.

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