5 Places a Solid Core Door Makes All the Difference​


5 Places a Solid Core Door Makes All the Difference

yoga room with blue walls and white three-panel solid core door with a blue yoga mat on the wood floor

We all need a little peace and quiet sometimes. But the sounds of everyday life—whether it’s dishes being washed or a blaring TV—can sometimes make it hard to focus, relax or recharge.

Doors are a key to controlling sound in your home. There are two types of interior doors: hollow and solid core doors. With 70% more sound-dampening material than our standard hollow doors, a solid core door can make a world of difference in certain rooms in your home.

Here are five places where you should consider a sound-dampening, solid core door:

1. Home Office

Remote work gives you the convenience of no commute, plus the comfort of working in your sweats. However, a home office does have its downside: namely, unwanted or unexpected noise. Distractions such as the sound of kids playing in the hall or the dog barking at the delivery truck can derail your productivity. Adding a solid core door to your home office keeps these interruptions to a minimum so you can get more done.

2. Bedroom

Reducing unwanted sound in your bedroom is one of the best ways to ensure you sleep through the night. Swapping out a hollow for a solid core door can help dampen household noises like creaking floorboards in the hallway or the swish of the dishwasher from the kitchen.

3. Home Gym

Working out might be a great way to start your day—but other members of your household who overhear the thud of the treadmill at 5 AM might disagree. Adding a solid core door to this room helps prevent the clammer of your cardio session from echoing throughout the rest of your home. Additionally, if you prefer yoga, meditation or other restorative exercises, a solid core door can also keep distracting noises out, so you can focus on finding your center.

4. Laundry Room

Washing machines are rarely ever quiet; they can rock, vibrate and squeak. These rumbling sounds reverberate throughout the rest of the house, which can get annoying. Opting for a solid core door in your laundry room can help contain the noise from these appliances. 

5. Bathroom

Make sure bathroom sounds stay in the bathroom with a solid core door. In addition to toning down the performance of a shower singer, solid core doors can also keep unwanted sounds from entering the room. The added peace and quiet can make an ordinary bath feel more like a relaxing spa experience.

For more tips on how to create quieter spaces that work for everyone in your home, download our free home sound guide.

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