5 Interior Design Trends to Avoid if You're Remodeling


outdated kitchen with granite counters and white cabinets for interior design trends to avoid in 2022Interior design trends come and go. In the early 2000s, granite kitchen counters were all the rage. Today, everyone wants marble counters. Granite makes a kitchen look dated, which can negatively impact the value of a home.

Not all interior design trends are so cut and dry. Some trends never go out of style entirely—they re-emerge with a whole new twist. For instance, wallpaper is making a big comeback as a statement mural or as a bold backdrop for built-in shelving.

To learn which interior design trends are fading away and which ones are here to stay, Masonite commissions annual proprietary trend forecasts. That’s how we ensure we continue to offer on-trend doors for every style of home.

5 interior trends to avoid if you’re remodeling in 2022:

1. All-White Interiors
outdated living room with white walls, white couch, white rugs and photo collage on wall

Neutrals will never go out of style—but all-white, clinical interiors are becoming less popular. Instead of cool-toned greys and flat whites, warm neutrals are on the rise. These cozy tones help any home feel more like a sanctuary.

neutral living area with black interior door grey couch and brown coffee table

Updating your all-white interior is easy: paint your interior doors dark for depth and incorporate calming, nature-inspired neutrals like an oatmeal-colored rug or linen throw pillows.

2. Fast Furniture 
inexpensive storage display in outdated living area

Fast furniture reached its peak in 2021 due to accessibility and affordability. In its place, homeowners are opting for reliable and sustainable pieces that prove to be more durable and timeless.

green six-panel door converted into a hall tree with black hardware and drawer

Some DIYers are getting creative with upcycled furnishings from resale shops and even crafting their own pieces with unexpected objects. For example, transforming an old door into a bench, desk, table or hall tree.

3. Open Floor Plans
early 2000s open concept kitchen and living room

Spending more time at home throughout the pandemic increased the need for separation, peace and quiet and privacy. As a result, broken plans are becoming a popular alternative to open concepts. This trend ensures the interior of a home is as functional and flexible as possible without feeling too formal and closed off.

modern children's playroom with grey walls, colorful carpet and chairs and two blue sliding barn doors

Achieving a broken plan is as easy as adding pair of sliding barn doors to your main living area to create a light, bright and instantly private area that’s perfect for work or play.  The Masonite Barn Doors Kit comes with everything you need to make over any space in 90 minutes.

4. Extreme Minimalism 

minimalist bedroom with white brick walls, low double bed and grey carpet

Marie Kondo’s The Joy of Tidying Up helped homeowners de-clutter their homes and simplify their lives. As a result, the minimalist interior design aesthetic reigned supreme for many years.

beautiful bedroom with floral wallpaper ceiling, white light fixture and emerald bedding with white and pink accents

But now, homeowners are gravitating toward spaces that look organized yet also personalized. Maximalist elements like patterned walls, ornate doors, expressive art and eccentric furniture instantly add character back into stark spaces. 

5. Shabby Chic Farmhouse 

shabby chic home with white front door, screen door, hall bench and home sweet home sign

Although farmhouse is still having its moment in 2022, it is progressing into a more modern style that’s grounded in nature. Instead of rustic furniture and calligraphy wall art, homeowners are opting for natural light and authentic materials.

modern farmhouse kitchen with black doors, black accents and dark wood floors

Oversized windows and doors with glass fill the home with sunshine while elevated accents like wood beams and matte black iron add subtle sophistication.    

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