5 Best Rooms for Barn Doors


5 Best Rooms for Barn Doors

A sliding barn door is a stylish, functional addition to almost any home.  Because of their sliding design, barn doors are perfect for places where there is not enough space for traditional doors to open and close easily. Plus, they look great—barn doors instantly upgrade any space, providing a stylish new décor feature.

While barn doors provide privacy by obscuring areas from view, they are not as sound dampening as hinged solid core doors. By nature of their design, there are gaps on the sides of barn doors that allow sound to pass through. For this reason, some areas of the home are better suited for barn doors than others.

Here are the best places to use barn doors in your home.

1. Closet

sliding barn door in closet bedroom with floral wallpaper and pink Masonite sliding barn door

Tight entryway? Save space by using a sliding barn door on your coat closet. Want to make a stylish statement in your master bedroom? Barn doors are also becoming a popular choice because they are available in a variety of beautiful designs to complement any décor.

2. Laundry Room

5 Best Rooms for Barn Doors

Dirty laundry piles up quickly. If you need to hide the stinky socks you haven’t gotten around to washing just yet, a sliding barn door is the perfect solution. It conceals messy spaces (like an overflowing laundry room) from view, so your Friday dinner guests won’t see the wash you’ve got planned for Saturday morning. Again, it’s important to note that if want to mask sound from a noisy washing machine or dryer, a solid core interior door would be a better choice.  

3. Pantry

5 Best Rooms for Barn Doors

Walk-in pantries are becoming more and more popular, as they provide enough space to neatly organize dry goods, canned foods and unrefrigerated produce. However, if yours doesn’t quite live up to the “pantry goals” you see on Instagram, a sliding barn door can help obscure the clutter. Just make sure your kitchen has enough room for the door to slide all the way open.

4. Multi-Use Space

white sliding barn door leading from hallway to den

While open floor plans are becoming less popular, there’s still a need to feel connected to the rest of your home without sacrificing privacy when and where it’s needed. Barn doors give you the flexibility to keep multi-uses spaces feeling open and airy when not in use. For example, keep the door open so you can keep an eye (and an ear!) on the kids while they are playing. Slide the door closed if you need to quickly convert the space into your own private workout studio.

5. Master Bathroom

black metal sliding barn door with glass leading to master bathroom

Shared bathrooms require more privacy. But since master bathrooms are typically en suite, a sliding barn door is a good option if space is tight or if you simply love the look.

What Are the Worst Rooms for Barn Doors?

Any space where you need extra quiet or complete privacy is not the best spot for a barn door. As mentioned, using barn doors for shared bathrooms is not a good idea because they don’t block as much sound… which can make things awkward for your family members and house guests!

For the same reason, barn doors are not the ideal choice for bedrooms or home offices.  It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep or focus on your work if unwanted household noise is constantly spilling over into your space. A solid core door is a much better option for these spaces.

Can Any Door Be Used as a Barn Door?

Technically, yes. The only thing that differentiates a barn door from a swing door is how it is installed. You can convert any door into a sliding barn door with the right hardware and track. Masonite Barn Door Kits with hardware make it easy—they include everything you need to make over a space in about 90 minutes:  a predrilled barn door slab, installation instructions and all the necessary hardware: mounting board, track and rollers, stoppers and guides, screws and bolts and handle. Barn doors come in a variety of styles, from rustic to modern, to complement any home. Tools are not included, and personal protective equipment (gloves and safety goggles) are recommended.

Ready to transform your space with a sliding barn door? Masonite Barn Door Kits with hardware are available to purchase at Home Depot and Wayfair.

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